About Me

I'm Wendie, a Spiritual Therapist

I’m a psychotherapist, EMDR practitioner and spiritual seeker with over 25 years clinical experience.

As a seasoned psychotherapist, I’ve become well-versed in navigating life’s toughest challenges. From the ones that lack guidebooks to the ones that seem insurmountable, I’ve not only faced them but also managed to emerge stronger, and with my sense of humour intact!

I’m a psychotherapist who works with midlife professionals who want to break free from the burdens of the past, fear, worry, sadness, and overwhelm.

As an experienced psychotherapist, EMDR practitioner and spiritual seeker, I understand life’s challenges, as I’ve faced many of my own.

I’m confident that working with me will get you to where you want to be and beyond, in the quickest and most expansive way possible.

On top of the life challenges that knock us for six we are also entering midlife, a phase of great change, transition and challenge. It can prompt deep soul searching about what we want from our lives moving forwards and also anxieties about our future. 

All of this can affect our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and lead to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression.

I've been there too . . .

and I’ve come out the other side.  

In a blink of an eye, my world came crashing down.  I heard the words I’m sorry there’s nothing else we can do. My daughter, my only child aged 24, was on life support and the Consultant had just told us that there wasn’t a single thing they could do to help. As a family we had a decision to make, whether to leave on or switch off her life support.

I had managed to keep it together when I was at her bedside, but I broke down when I walked in and saw the nurses lovingly painting her hands and feet and cutting a piece of her beautiful long hair, so we had some physical memory to take away.

Alexx my darling rascal died peacefully surrounded by love, on what was an ordinary day for many, in September. Our lives had just come crashing down. I was 48 years old.  When you’re in shock and traumatised, you don’t react the way you expect, on the day she died, I came home and wallpapered, and I did a great job.  My reaction might seem strange, but to me, it was just how it was. I had to do something practical and physical to prevent myself from falling apart. 

I had worked with many clients over the years and witnessed the deepest of pain, distress, and anguish. So, I was aware of what might lay in front of me. I wondered if this was going to be my total unravelling. I even pictured myself in a mental health institution. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to cope with what lay ahead. I think it’s fair to say, family and friends where probably thinking the same too.

I had absolutely no idea how to navigate myself through this, I had no idea how I would ever be able to enjoy life again. But I wanted to, I certainly didn’t want to live in misery for the rest of my life. What’s the point of that?

I made a choice to get well and to enjoy life again!

I was in a dark hole, pitying myself and fixating on why this had happened to me, I was in this place for a while, and that’s natural, but I didn’t stay there. I knew that life is a crazy ride, and I took responsibility for myself and my life going forwards.

I surrounded myself with amazing women who worked with me in a way that helped me see that I still had potential; energy healing, spiritual coaching, mediumship, and even some hypnosis for public speaking!  All of this led me to believe in myself more and regain some confidence.  I started to feel a whole lot better. 

Something still wasn’t right though and I’d slip back into depression and disinterest in things around me.  It became clear that I needed to find more time and space for myself – so I decided to give up my office and save time on commuting – working online wasn’t the norm back then, and when I let my clients know, they all ended with me!

I now had no business and no income! So naturally I thought I’d sell the house and take an adult gap year in India, my version of Eat, Pray, Love!!!

I had been to India before, but this time around I would just have myself for company, no internet and no distractions.

I found what I needed

It sounds like a cliche, where I went out to India to find myself and meet a Guru who could rid me of all my fears, emotions and troubles and help me to hand them over to a magical being, but that’s far from the truth.  

I went to India was because I knew from previous visits about the healing environment, regular yoga, beaches, gorgeous weather and healthy food on tap.

I needed space to face deep, uncomfortable feelings and cry it out.  I spent several months facing my own guilt and shame, wondering whether I was a good enough mum and if I could have done more to make my daughter feel loved.  Was I kind enough, was I patient enough, was I loving enough??

It was a lonely and extremely difficult several months,

Unfortunately, many people have learnt that it is easier not to stay with the negative feelings that they have to process.  It becomes extremely uncomfortable and painful, and it becomes easier to ignore these painful emotions, so they just return to keeping themselves busy and adopting unhealthy coping strategies (drinking too much prosecco and eating too much chocolate for example)!

But these emotions sit in your subconscious, rotting away, quietly influencing how you think, feel and act on a daily basis. 
It is impossible to discover your true potential from such a place.

I imagine myself as a seed that had no sunlight, processing my emotions let in enough light for me to start to grow and flourish.  I began to realise that life is a precious gift that we can’t take for granted.  I wanted to feel good again and enjoy life fully.

I did the inner work and all of a sudden my external circumstances began to change!  Sometimes it seemed like magic, amazing things started to happen again and I managed to Get Back on Track.  Maybe I did hand it over to some spiritual being 😉 


I can promise you that this work is absolutely necessary for you to be able to live a truly exciting and fulfilling life after any type of trauma.

I can guide you through it.

Today, life is good!

If you were to meet me now, you would probably say I’m calm, gentle, compassionate and smiley. I love working with people, and I love hearing about client’s families and their kids as well. I love people and I love relationship dynamics.

I’ve carved out a new life. I have zest for life. I embrace, my grey hair, my less than perfect body. I’m proud of who I am. I’m proud of who I’m becoming and will become. I get great joy from helping others. Life is full of possibilities, of new beginnings and chapters, life can be fun, if we chose for it to be.

Today, I get to help amazing professionals and therapists, feel good about themselves again and go on to enjoy a new chapter that leaves them feeling proud and excited for their future. I love my work as a psychotherapist, and every day I’m thankful for the opportunities I have, to make a tangible difference in my client’s lives.

Random facts about me

I’m a trainee medium

I feel the energy behind words

I love polka dots.

Thank goodness there is no pictures of me on Social Media from the 80s, yes, I had the perms, wore pink and blue eyeshadow and neon leg warmers!

I love my Crocs!