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To get the best possible results, you need to be committed to the process and make an investment in yourself.

Another major factor in getting the best possible results is to ensure you work with the right therapist, so I offer an Initial Consultation and an Introductory Session to ensure we are a good fit and that we can get you the results that you are looking for.

Step 1 - 30 Minute Free Consultation


During a free consultation, we’ll discuss what you need help with and we’ll decide whether we’re a good fit. I’ll also give you a brief overview of how my three month therapy program can help you.

Step 2 - 90 Minute Introductory Session

£120 £75

A one-off introductory session will be the next step and the start of our work together, giving you a taste of what is to come.

You will come away from this session with more ideas, coping strategies and insight than you had before.

Step 3 - Get Back on Track

£1995 £1499

12 Sessions - If we decide we would like to continue working together and you’re happy with everything up to now, we’ll move forward with my Get Back on Track programme and set up appointments at convenient times for us both.

After our introductory session, we will establish how quickly you would like to move.
The 12 sessions can be over a period of up to 3 months, or you might choose to attend 3 sessions per week!

Edge and Elevate Programme


If you'd like to apply to work with me on my Edge and Elevate Programme, please get in touch by filling out the form below.

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